Ecommerce Website Design


Want to sell your products without building a brick-and-mortar storefront? Does your business have a physical location, but you’re looking for an easy way to increase sales? An ecommerce website lets customers purchase goods and services from your business online in mere seconds with a click of a mouse.

No longer are you limited to square footage and location. With an ecommerce site, you can reach consumers worldwide and sell goods, digital products, or services no matter where you’re located. The fast, safe, personalized shopping experience customers experience through your ecommerce site makes the buying process convenient and easy.

  • EVERYTHING  you need to succeed online.
  • SAFE & SECURE payments and customer information.
  • EASY  to use store management tools.
  • INTEGRATED  marketing tools to keep the customers coming.

ECOMMERCE BASICStarting at $1,500.00

  • Built on OpenCart
  • Custom Theme Based Design
  • We’ll Setup Up to 10 Products
  • Up to 5 Content Pages
  • Integration to Payment Gateways
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ECOMMERCE ENTERPRISEStarting at $3,500.00

  • Built on Magento CE
  • Custom Theme Based Design
  • We’ll Setup Up to 100 Products
  • Up to 10 Content Pages
  • Payment and Shipping Gateway Integration
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  • UNLIMITED Product Catalogs
  • POWERFUL catalog and management tools.
  • INTEGRATED Marketing Tools
  • GOOGLE Shopping Compatibility
  • PAYPAL and Billing
  • AFFORDABLE Hourly Rates on Site Changes



  • In an interview, tell our designer about your business and preferences.
  • Use our online Project Manager to provide the images, words and product info you want to use in your store.
  • Stuck or Have Questions? Call us, email us, or post comments to the Project Manager.


  • Once you have provided all of your content we go to work.
  • Most stores are ready to review in as little as two weeks from the date you submit your content to us.
  • During your 2 review periods, we will accept feedback and make adjustments to your site.
  • Once you’re store is approved, we go through our quality control process, and move your site live.


  • If you ever need someone else to update your website, we provide updates at an affordable hourly rate.
  • Enterprise customers enjoy 6 hours of FREE updates to their site in the first year.
  • Need additional features? Just contact us – we can add custom functionality, plugins, themes, etc to your store for you.


It doesn’t take our website design team months to build a web store – we build them in weeks. Once you’ve conducted your interview, and provided us with all the materials – our website design team goes to work.

Once your site is complete and online – our ecommerce platforms make it easy to manage your web store via their power catalog, order and customer management tools.


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Our Website Design team build easy to use, intuitive and professional web stores that are focused on your online success.

Each e-commerce website we design is custom tailored to you and your business – and with our web store management services you never have to worry about updating your site.


Having all of your products for sale online is more important than ever – in fact over 60% of shoppers today find, research and purchase their products online.In 2015, over $703.28bn was spent by consumers via online stores alone – with this trend quickly becoming the “norm” you can’t afford not to have an online web store.

If you are looking to tap into a new pool of customers online is where you and your products have to be. Let our Website Design team tap into these customers and build your business!


An ecommerce website is an online store that allows business owners to sell goods on local, national and international basis. By leveraging the internet to connect you to to your prospective customers, you open yourself up to a much larger marketplace increasing your chances for success.

An ecommerce website has multiple parts – the catalog, the cart, payment providers, shipping providers, and finally a backend system that allows you to manage all the other components as well as customer orders that come in through your website.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re far too busy to design and build the ecommerce website you need to be found and compete on the web. But with Media Giant Design, you don’t have to worry – we do the hard part for you, quickly and professionally.

Our professional ecommerce website design staff works with you to create a custom online store that fits your style, needs and budget.

Simply give our expert design team the basics about your business and provide us with examples of sites and site elements that you like.

Using our Project Manager, you will upload the images, product information, and your content to us – as well as provide feedback to our designers along the way.

Once your content is provided, our team will create a full-featured ecommerce web site based on your comments and theme, using the images and text that you supplied.

In as little as two weeks, your store will be ready for your review. Provide us with your feedback, and we will make your requested adjustments.

Once your site is approved, we push it through our quality control process and move your site live for the world to see.

Absolutely. We dont create websites and leave customers to figure it out for themselves. If you need to update your site – we can do it for you at a low hourly rate.

To request updates simply put in request via our ticket system, tell us what you need done and we take it from there.

Once your site is live, we make it easy for you to keep your store up to date. You can log in to your web stores backend and manage your customers, product catalog, orders and more. If you need to make bigger changes, we’ve got that covered too.

And don’t worry about trying to track down a difficult-to-reach webmaster. You can request site updates 24×7 using our Customer Support Portal. Simply send us a description of the update, and any necessary materials and we’ll notify you when your changes are ready for your review.

Log in to your account and begin the online Project Manager interview, which will help you explore the key elements every web store should have and gather important information to help your designer create the perfect store for you.

The interview process is self-paced. You can stop at any point during the process and easily return to where you left. This is not only convenient, but also gives you time to really think about your answers.

After you complete the interview, one of our expert designers will follow up with you to answer any questions and discuss the timeline for building your web store.